Lilypad & Covid-19


It is with a heavy heart that I let you know I have taken the very difficult decision to temporarily close Lilypad Photography.

It’s a heartbreaking decision for me, but I feel the right one to help ensure the health and safety of both our families during this crisis.  

The closure is effective from today through to at least the end of April. In May, I will reassess the situation and government regulations at the time.

So what now? 

I am switching modes, from photographer to educator and bringer of joy. 

Whilst I am more than happy to book you in for a session later in the year, or sell you a gift certificate (and would be grateful for the business), I know not everyone will be in the market.  

But I do know we are ALL going to be spending a lot more time with our families, more time at home away from some of our normal hobbies.  So my plan is to share a little information most days on how to photograph your family better and how properly to document safeguard your story and family history so it’s not lost in the next hard drive crash.  I have a course for those that want a more structured deep dive, but will still be sharing plenty of tips for free. And I’ll keep sharing some of my favourite portraits, for the smiles and joy.  

If this sounds like it’s for you, be sure to follow me on Facebook to get in on it all.

And lastly, I am taking some comfort in the extra family time and the realisation that as long as our families are safe, we can work everything else out.

I am really looking forward to helping you capture your family and celebrating the connection and relationships we have on the other side.

Lisa x


As always, please postpone appointments if anyone in your family is feeling unwell. The more notice, the better, however, even if it’s the day of your session or appointment, there will be no penalty for rescheduling. As often as required.


Should you feel uncomfortable about coming in to order your images in person, I will be able to offer you a virtual ordering session online.  We can still chat, I can still help you design your amazing wall art and you can stay in the safety and comfort of your own home.

In most cases, we will be able to arrange complimentary postage or delivery of your order.  Of course, this will depend on a few small conditions, but for 99% of clients, this shouldn’t be a problem.

As always, Lilypad is a no-pressure zone.  Once you decide what you love I am always happy to work with you to arrange a payment plan that suits you.  From old and fashioned lay-bye to Afterpay, to even just putting the order on ice for a few months while we wait the current situation out.

No hugging, handshakes or high fives.

Please note this was updated on March 25th and things might change, get in touch if you’d like to chat or clarify any concerns.

And here is a pretty picture, taken at a recent sunrise session!! Because there are enough photos of toilet paper and sanitiser in the world right now😜.