Babies and Besties

Lilypad Photography is aiming to raise $3000 for Operation Sunshine WA 

There is nothing quite as precious as the bond our little ones form with their bestie.  Be it the family dog that’s always close by or the threadbare stuffed bunny needed for every single moment of sleep.  These besties are far more than just pets or toys, they are much-loved family members, well and truly embedded in our family story.

We are looking for babies and kids aged between 3 months and 5 years who have a much loved best friend (furry, feathered or fluffy) to be photographed for our upcoming Babies & Besties book. To be involved in this exciting project, simply register below and we will be in touch to chat. 

Your $50 participation fee will be donated in full to Operation Sunshine WA, to help raise our target of $3000. 


Finalist 2018, 2019

Winner 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. Finalist 2018

Why Operation Sunshine WA?

We’ve always encouraged family pets and favourite toys to be included in our sessions, the bond as well as the comfort they provide is simply priceless. And it goes without saying that the photos we capture are next level in their cuteness.  We are also aware that not everyone is fortunate to have a safe and loving home, some kids in our community have to leave theirs at a moments notice often with just the clothes on their backs. How could we not support a 100% volunteer-run organisation like Operation Sunshine that provides emergency care packs to children and youth at the time of entering out-of-home care or crisis accommodation in order to preserve dignity, provide a sense of value and self-worth, and give comfort at a time of extreme trauma and isolation.

Your $50 will provide enough funds for a full baby pack or part funds towards a pack for a child or teen. Read more about what your donation can provide here.

Who is the photographer?

Lisa Ivandich, who is one of WA’s top family photographers, not only does she have plenty of patience and all the tricks you need when working with kids and animals, she even finds it fun!  She has won the WA Professional Family Photographer of the Year for 4 years in a row and was a finalist for the Australian Family Photographer of the year, all with photos from her family portrait sessions.  All of which simply means, your in very good hands.


Babies:  Any baby or child aged between 3 months and 5 years, but hey we won’t be checking birth certificates 😜.  It can be just the one babe or siblings.

Besties: Any pet that can be safely brought along to the Lilypad Studio.  Dogs, cats, rabbits and more will all be considered.  Lisa loves all animals but is absolutely terrified of snakes, so if your little one’s bestie is of the reptilian variety, she’ll be completely torn between terror and wanting to capture a one of a kind portrait.

We are also welcoming besties of the non-living kind for this project.  We know how much those little snuggies and favoured toys mean to our babes.  Just ask Lisa about her frantic run through Woollies to find Mr bunny!


To be part of the project there is a $50 participation fee and this will be donated directly to Operation Sunshine WA. This also guarantees that one of your child’s images will also be published in our Babies & Besties book.

When: Whenever we can make it work.

Where: Almost anywhere in Perth Metro, park, beach, studio, nearby farms or properties – even your home.

Simply complete the details on the form below to apply to be a part of the book and we will be in touch.

What about COVID-19

It’s mostly business as usual here, but we have changed how we work a little in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Your session can be very low contact and the rest of the process can be completed virtual meetings from the comfort of your own home.  As the situation is changing rapidly – Check the here for the latest.


What’s in it for me? Your $50 participation fee is donated in it’s entirety to Operation Sunshine, so you get all the good feels that come with know you’ve provided enough funds for an entire pack for a baby. You will have a series of gorgeous portraits taken and will have the opportunity to purchase and keep these portraits forever. We will have a special selection of early bird packages available for our participants for orders made at the viewing session which will all include a copy of the book. Otherwise, the book can be purchased separately.

When can I do the shoot?  Shoots are held weekdays in the Lilypad Photography Studio in Melville.  School holiday dates are available, but these book fast.

Can my whole family be involved? Absolutely!  Lisa has a habit of convincing everyone who comes along to be in the photos (look out Grandma).  We encourage you to bring the whole family along to make the most of the session.

Am I able to purchase photos? Yes of course!  A week or two after your session, you will be invited back to the studio to view the images Lisa has captured, choose your favourites and purchase the ones you love. There is absolutely no hard sell, you choose only what you love. We even have a guide to our favourite products & prices on our website!  When we phone to talk about the session we can also talk about the options and what might work best for your family.

Will my child photo definitely be in the book and can I choose the image?  Yes, every child photographed will be included in the book. To keep the design consistent, and ensure a cohesive yet varied book, we will choose the image. However, we will choose from your short list of favourites that you choose during your ordering session.

Do I have to be in the book? To be a part of this project, you must agree to your child’s image being in the book in the book, including the use of your child’s first name and age and a little information them and their bestie – written by you, we can help with this help if you need it.

When will the book be published and what will it cost? We are committed to raising $3000 for Operation Sunshine WA, we expect that it may take around 12 months to fill all the places, complete the sessions and design the book.  Books will be sold not for profit and at their production cost price.  Final pricing will depend on the number of books sold, we expect it to be around the $75-$85 mark.  We’ll keep you updated along the way progress.

Complete the details below to apply to be part of the book, and we will be in contact to let you know if your application was successful. 

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