The week that just kept getting better!

Last week the Australian Professional Photography Awards (the APPA’s) were held in Melbourne. I always love APPA week, the good and the bad, but this year, my week just kept getting better!

I had two goals for APPA this year, to be invited to judge and to achieve my first gold bar.

Being invited to judge at APPA, our national awards is a big honour.  I’ve loved judging at state for a few years now and was so excited to be invited this year that I took the red-eye from Perth to Melbourne on Saturday night so I could take up the offer!  I was a little concerned how I’d go after so little sleep, but I have to say it was just so much fun and the lack of sleep didn’t even register!  The calibre and experience of my fellow judges was quite simply jaw-dropping and the images entered in the Portrait Category, outstanding.

My next goal was to achieve my gold bar on my Masters, this is harder to explain.  If your interested take a look at the AIPP explanation here, but perhaps using the term “double masters” might work.  I needed two points this year to achieve my gold bar. Every entrant can enter only 4 images, a silver is 1 point and a gold is two.  When the judging for the family category started, as expected it was tough, awards were thin on the ground and I was a little nervous.

I am pleased to report when judging finished, I had received one silver with distinction, and three very solid silvers!  Every print was awarded.  Cue smiles, happy dances and perhaps a little jig 😊.

Judging portrait, achieving my gold bar, and having all my prints awarded was more than I could hope for.

Then it got better.  My jaw dropped when I was announced as a finalist for the Australian Professional Family Photographer of the Year.  OMG!!!

I’m still smiling 😊

And dancing 😜

Thank you to YOU – my amazing clients who let me into your family to capture gorgeous memories, without you, none of this past weeks joy could have been ❤️.

Enough rambling from me, here are my images.


Photography Awards
Photography Awards