A few months ago, Zach came home from pre-primary with a project that asked for pictures of his Mum, Dad, and Grandparents.  I am embarrassed to say, I had to go back nearly 5 years, to his christening where we took a few shots outside the church to find a decent photograph of the grandparents.  And this is what I do!  This is what I am passionate about. I let life get in the way.  If you read my about me page, you’ll know a lack of photographs of my gorgeous Mum and I is part of my driving force behind what I do. It’s why when you call to book a session for you children, I’ll encourage to you be in “just one”.  The images with our parents and our grandparents are THE images our children will look for, treasure and love forever.  Let’s make sure we have them.

I was lucky a few weeks after the project, my Dad and his partner were visiting from over east for Amy’s birthday.  Before the cake (and after the presents) pictures were taken.  I’ll be sure to make sure I do this every year or so.  It’s too important to forget.

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