We all do it, happily snap away all those precious moments of our kid’s milestones and experiences on our smart phones or tablets, taking the risk that they’ll be safe. But in reality, losing them forever is much easier and more common than we like to admit. So it’s definitely worth taking the time to back up your photos.

You can do this in a few ways, and it’s best to use more than one method to make absolutely sure your photos are safe. One way is to print them out.. Remember actual proper photos? These days it’s pretty easy to do, and the range of products you can create from your digital photos are just about endless.

Another way is to store them online via an online backup service like iCloud, Dropbox or IBackup. Most of these programs will automatically sync photos taken on your smartphone or other device to your laptop or desktop.

You can also buy external hard drives which you can basically ‘set and forget’. They will run in the background and ensure all those memories are safely stored away.

It’s absolutely worth setting aside an hour or so every month to make sure all those irreplaceable memories are safe and sound and the more places you have your photos, the better.

Happy snapping!