Welcome to week 12!  I’ll be posting a tip every Thursday for a whole year on how to take better photos of your children and family.

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Photography is all about light, literally, on a basic level film and digital cameras simply record light . . . so here’s my final tip on how to pick and find the best light for your photographs

Air out your sheets . . .  in dappled light

Dappled light through the trees is just beautiful, moody and lovely, EXCEPT when it fall on your subjects face.  Odd shaped patches of sunlight falling on faces can be really distracting.  If you can’t avoid patches of bright sunlight falling on your subjects face (such as having them put their back to the sun), then the next best thing have someone hold something up to block the light that is falling on their face.

Look how even the subtle light patch falling on my boys face draws your attention away from the scrummy bits!


Even with the bright green ring this is much better with out the light patch