Welcome to week seven of the Thursday Tip!  I’ll be posting a tip every Thursday for a whole year on how to take better pictures of your children & family.

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Photography is all about light, literally, on a basic level film and digital cameras simply record light . . . so tip 4 for how to pick and find the best light for your photographs

Get flashing in broad daylight!

Your camera flash that is!  While there are many ways to combat bright harsh and directional overhead lighting, one of the simplest and easiest is to use your flash.  Most cameras, including compacts, allow you to set your flash to always fire, never fire or auto fire.  This is one of the best tools you should know about your camera if you want to start having a little control over your images.  I’m always swapping mine from always to never depending on the situation.  I only ever leave it on auto if I’m out for the even and enjoying little wine or too if you know what I mean : ).  Otherwise I always want to choose because most camera sensors will get it wrong half the time.

So when your outside in full sun and no shade about such as at the park or the beach.  Turn your flash on to always fire and the flash will help to fill in the harsh shadows while still leaving the rest of the image well exposed.  Funnily enough, they call this “fill flash”  Just remember not all flashes have equal power so experiment with how far away from your subject you can get while it still works.    Using your on camera flash has its issues as well, you would rarely see it used in a profession session, but sometimes it’s your only only option and it WILL make a big improvement to your family photography!

Stay tuned next week for another great light tip to improve your family photography, and coming soon a great competition to give you an incentive to use the tips!,




See here how much clearer his face is with the flash on.


you can even see how dirty the T-shirt is . . .

watermelon may be fun and healthy but it sure is messy : )