Introducing the Thursday Tip!

Welcome to week three of the Thursday Tip!  I’ll be posting a tip every Thursday for a whole year on how to take better pictures of your children & family. Tips will also be posted on facebook, so be sure to like us and not miss a single tip!  Tell all your friends with children too so you can all start capturing better memories of your family today.

Tip #50: Catch the action, not the reaction!

Try taking photos of your family with out posing them at all, don’t even tell them your going to take the picture.  Catch the kids playing on the lawn, throwing a ball, drawing intently.  By not getting their attention first you capture them doing what they really love, with a really natural expression, rather than the posed fake smile or contrived moment.  When you look back, these shots will really tug your memory and your heart strings as you remember how little Amy was soo focused when she drew or jumped on the trampoline with pure joy and abandonment.

In this first image (taken 2 years ago) I remember how much she loved drawing, they way she used to grip the pencil, she always sat on the chair and how even at 1 year of age she  drew in a really focused way rather than going crazy with the crayons – she still does!  In the second image, after she noticed me, I remember how she always faked smiled for the camera! (And imagine  if I’d followed tip 52 and picked up the white t-shirt on the floor as well . . magic!)

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